Stretch Mark Removal


Finally, a stretch mark removal treatment that works!
Photofractional™ for Stretch Marks

For a complete smoother look.

The Lumenis® Photofractional™ is a non-invasive treatment for improving the appearance of stretch marks on different areas of your body. No matter if you have older stretch marks from puberty, or newer ones from pregnancy, Photofractional™ laser treatment will help you regain smooth skin on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and chest.

Non-ablative skin resurfacing keeps skin intact, stimulates collagen growth and tightens underlying skin. It is ideal for patients who prefer a milder treatment approach with less downtime and no risk of skin infection.

The ResurFX™ module of M22™ is the only true fractional non-ablative technology on the market for skin resurfacing. It uses an advanced scanner technology, CoolScan™, to ensure that energy delivery is precise and homogenous. Unlike other fractional technologies, ResurFX™ needs only one pass to be effective, saving the practitioner time and protecting the patient’s skin.

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