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Consider the AviClear™ treatment if you have significant or persistent acne that doesn’t improve with oral medications or topical ointments. At Skin Med Spa, the expert practitioners use AviClear to help teens and adults achieve healthy, vibrant, and acne-free skin. Call Skin Med Spa to book an AviClear consultation or request an appointment online today.

What is an AviClear™ treatment?

AviClear is an outpatient procedure that uses specific wavelengths of light (lasers) to target and suppress the microscopic glands on your skin and scalp that secrete oil.  

Since clogged glands cause acne, suppressing them prevents the formation of pimples and pustules entirely. AviClear is quick, effective, and drug-free, so there are few risks of side effects.

How does acne form?

Acne occurs when sebum –– an oily substance produced by your sebaceous glands –– mixes with dead skin cells and clogs your pores. 

Traditional acne treatments target things other than sebum, but not AviClear. By eliminating acne directly at the source, it’s possible to clear your pores and transform your skin.

What are the symptoms of acne?

The symptoms of acne include:

  • Whiteheads (closed clogged pores)
  • Blackheads (open clogged pores)
  • Pimples
  • Nodules (painful lumps under the skin)
  • Cystic lesions (pus-filled lumps under the skin)

Everyone gets acne occasionally, but if your symptoms last for months or affect your quality of life, it’s crucial to seek treatment. 

Are AviClear treatments painful?

AviClear is safe and usually well-tolerated. Many people say it feels similar to getting snapped with a small rubber band. The AviClear system is equipped with patented AviCool skin cooling and sensory controls, ensuring a comfortable treatment experience.

If you experience any discomfort during treatment, let your Skin Med Spa provider know. They can adjust the controls or stop so you can take a break.

How many AviClear treatments will I need?

To achieve optimal results, the providers at Skin Med Spa recommend undergoing a series of at least three AviClear treatments spaced one month apart.

Up to 87% of people who undergo AviClear treatments see at least half of their acne resolve within six months*. What’s more, your results continue to improve over time. Your Skin Med Spa provider can even recommend healthy lifestyle changes to keep your skin vibrant and blemish-free. 

Call Skin Med Spa to request an AviClear consultation, or request your appointment online today.

*Individual results may vary.

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