The Many Benefits of Facials

You might think of the traditional facial as just a fancy way to clean your face, but in fact, a facial provides many health and beauty benefits.

If you’re looking for smoother, revitalized skin that makes you look younger and more vibrant without a lot of downtime, a facial might be just what the doctor ordered.

At Skin Med Spa, we offer custom facials that provide a host of health and beauty benefits. Here are just a few reasons why a facial would benefit you today:

Cleanse and detoxify

First, facials cleanse and detoxify your skin. We’ll do a deep cleaning to get rid of the toxins, oils, and dirt that have all built up over time. This extraction will also help remove blackheads and whiteheads, which will unclog your pores. Exfoliation will remove dead and damaged skin cells, and the result will be clean, clear skin.

Reduce stress

Whether you realize it or not, stress shows up in your face. It can result in inflammation, pain, acne, and sagging of your skin. To help you relax, a facial can include a facial massage, which will activate your sympathetic nervous system and help you relax. Your anxiety will drop and your mood will be lifted up, which will make you feel much better both physically and mentally.

Fight aging

A facial can also help you look younger by reducing the signs of aging. Your cells will be stimulated to produce new collagen, which reduces wrinkles and age spots and improves the tone and texture of your skin. The increased blood flow and circulation will also help give your face more color and vibrancy, making you appear even more youthful.

Rejuvenate skin

All of the above benefits will give you rejuvenated, refreshed skin. Eye cream can help reduce the bags under your eyes, acne will be greatly reduced, scars and stretch marks will diminish, and the production of new collagen will continue to help your skin rejuvenate even after the facial is complete. 

You may think you can do your own facial at home and get similar results, but you’ll be best served to make use of true professionals who know exactly what procedures to follow to make you look and feel better than ever.

Skincare experts say you should get a facial once a month or once per season, depending on your skin needs. When you’re ready to book your facial, just contact Skin Med Spa by calling our office or requesting an appointment with our convenient online scheduler. We’ll meet to determine which type of custom facial will best meet your needs, and you’ll have revitalized, refreshed skin in no time!

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