The Benefits of IV Therapy

The Benefits of IV Therapy

We are living in strange times, indeed. We’re told one of the best things we can do for our health is to stay far away from other people, to quarantine on our own in our homes. We’re told this will protect us, and to a degree, it will keep us safe from some viruses and illnesses.

The problem is that isolating ourselves doesn’t protect us from everything; diseases like cancer don’t care whether we’re alone or not. Another approach to better health is to improve our immune systems to protect us from those diseases that want to attack us.

One of the best ways to boost our immune systems is to undergo IV therapy. Board-certified practitioners Barbara Kowalczyk and Michael Fressola and their staff at Skin Med Spa have become experts at administering this kind of treatment. Here’s their best advice on the benefits of IV therapy.

What is IV therapy?

Intravenous (IV) therapy uses an IV drip to infuse the vitamins, minerals, and peptides your body needs straight into your bloodstream. This combination can improve your immunity, boost your energy levels, kill off bad bacteria and viruses, and even lift your mood.

Because the treatment is bypassing your digestive system and being delivered directly into your veins, you’ll see faster and more effective results. You may even recognize positive changes the same day as your treatment.

You’ll discuss your specific blend of substances with your doctor before you begin your IV therapy. Depending on your goals and your individual situation, various supplements are available to accomplish your desired ends.

How does it help you?

In addition to giving your immunity a lift, IV therapy at Skin Med Spa has an antioxidant and anti-aging effect; the mixture stimulates collagen production, which gives your skin that fresh, healthy, and youthful glow.

An IV therapy drip can also increase your energy, give you better sleep, improve your heart health, increase your metabolism so you burn more fat, possibly protect you against cancer, and enhance the functions of your organs.

The IV therapy at Skin Med Spa may include some of the following vitamins and nutrients to support your health and wellness:

Ascorbic acid supports your immune system by fighting off viruses and bacteria. Vitamin B12 helps you burn carbohydrates and fat, while glutathione, glycine, and lysine are amino acids that improve skin health and collagen production while also building immunity, reducing inflammation, and enhancing your overall mood, health, and wellness.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a popular anti-aging substance that may be included as well. It helps detox your body from alcohol and drugs, reduces fatigue, and gives you energy and focus.

When you undergo IV therapy, you’re likely to start feeling better that day, with increased energy and clearer thoughts. To experience this effect in your life, call the Skin Med Spa office, or request your own appointment with our convenient online scheduler.

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