I'm Losing My Hair: Can PRP Injections Help?

I'm Losing My Hair: Can PRP Injections Help?

Losing your hair is a common problem. About 50 million men and 30 million women suffer from it. If you’re part of this club (but don’t want to be), you have likely researched various methods for increasing your hair growth.

One technique you may have come across is called PRP therapy. If you’re wondering if it will work for you, the team at Skin Med Spa is here to help determine the answer.

Hair restoration is one of our specialties; here’s what you need to know about platelet-rich plasma therapy so that you can determine if you’re a good candidate.

What is PRP therapy?

Here at Skin Med Spa, we are committed to using natural treatments to stimulate hair growth. The idea is to revive dormant hair follicles, so your hair becomes fuller and thicker without the hassle of surgery.

One of the most effective methods we use is PRP therapy. Doctors have been using this treatment for years to stimulate healing in damaged joints after surgery, but only recently has it been applied to hair loss.

Your healthcare provider will draw blood from your arm and spin it in a centrifuge to separate platelet-rich plasma from red blood cells. This plasma is then injected into your scalp where your hair loss has taken place. Plasma helps repair blood vessels, promotes cell growth, and stimulates collagen production. When applied to your scalp, it stimulates hair growth by extending the growing phase of the hair cycle.

Patients usually see results after about three months. Your specific injection schedule will be customized for you and will depend on your amount of hair loss, your genetics, your age, and your hormone levels. Most treatments take about an hour or less to complete.

Will it work for me?

The best candidates for PRP therapy include people whose hair loss is recent. It can be difficult to revive hair follicles that have been dormant for quite a while, so don’t delay in making this decision. Patients who are completely bald likely won’t see the kinds of results they would want. 

Your overall health also plays a role. If you have been diagnosed with lupus, thyroid disease, or other underlying health issues, you’re less likely to get good results since many of these kinds of conditions will continue to cause hair loss. Also, if you’re on blood thinners, your platelets won’t work as effectively, so the treatment won’t accomplish as much.

Certain medications may also affect the procedure; be sure to inform our team of any medications you take regularly.

If you don’t have to deal with any of these restrictions, PRP therapy may be a great option for you. If you’d like more information about fighting your hair loss, contact Skin Med Spa by calling our office or booking an appointment with our convenient online scheduler. We’ll evaluate your situation and give you a custom plan for restoring your hair loss. 

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