How Testosterone Optimization Treatment Can Reverse Symptoms of Aging

As you get older, your body goes through many changes, not the least of which is a decrease in hormone levels. In men, this change can mean a reduction in levels of testosterone, which, in turn, can lead to many other problems often attributed to aging.

The good news is that this condition is entirely treatable. With Testosterone Optimization Treatment, your testosterone levels can return to normal even as you get older.

At the Skin Med Spa , our endocrinology providers are experts in their field. Here is some advice about how testosterone optimization treatment can reverse the symptoms of aging.

What does testosterone do?

Testosterone is a hormone produced mainly in the testicles. It is the primary male sex hormone that is vital to sustaining a man’s libido and erectile function. Testosterone is also important for building muscle, burning fat, maintaining bone density, and supporting a man’s energy levels, mood, and immune system.

What happens as you age?

Testosterone production peaks in adolescence and early adulthood, and it slowly begins to decline once a man reaches age 30 or 40 —  usually about 1% a year.

New conditions that can occur as men age and experience a lower level of testosterone include changes in sexual function, such as reduced desire, trouble getting and maintaining erections, and infertility. Physical changes can include increased body fat, reduced bone density, and decreased muscle bulk and strength.

Low testosterone can also cause emotional changes, such as a decrease in self-confidence and motivation. Men may also begin to feel sad or depressed and have trouble remembering things.

How can optimization treatment help?

This sounds like a pretty bleak picture, but testosterone optimization treatment can change the signs of aging. Our goal is not just to replace a hormone, but to keep you safe while optimizing your overall health, so you have renewed vibrance, vigor, and vitality. 

Treating you with testosterone can renew your sex drive so that your desire and ability to perform are both at peak levels. Your muscle bulk and strength will also begin to come back as your body fat is reduced. 

The new changes in your body will naturally lead to more self-confidence and help lift the clouds of depression as well.

If you are ready to fight the symptoms of aging brought on by low testosterone levels, contact Skin Med Spa today by phone or with our convenient online scheduler. We can’t wait to see your strength and confidence return! 

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