Help! Can You Remove My Tattoo?

The story is as old as tattoos themselves: Some who have gotten a tattoo, and then at some later point regret their actions, want it removed. 

At Skin Med Spa, we see this issue fairly frequently. The good news is that our Lumenis Tattoo Removal laser is top-of-the-line equipment in this field. Although tattoo removal isn’t necessarily easy, it is definitely possible.

Here’s how we do it.

What’s the best method for removing tattoos?

If you are set on finally getting rid of the tattoo that has plagued you, you basically have three options: home remedies, surgical removal, or laser removal. Laser removal is easily the best of the three options. 

Most of the home remedies don’t work all that well, and surgery works, but it’s really only a good option for very small tattoos.

Even once you’ve decided on laser removal, you still want to seek out a qualified practitioner to do the procedure. Though some tattoo shops do offer removal, we always feel better leaving medical procedures like this in the hands of trained professionals.

How does laser removal work?

Our Lumenis Tattoo Removal treatment uses the latest Q-switch technology with nanosecond laser pulses to target the tattoo ink in your skin. When the laser hits the ink, it shatters the ink into very small particles that end up naturally dissolving into your body. 

The treatment is tailored to the type of tattoo you have and usually works better on darker colors. Each treatment should take about 45 minutes, and you will likely require multiple treatments to entirely remove your tattoo, depending on your individual situation.

What should I expect?

Your medical provider will take photos of the tattoo, apply a topical anesthetic, treat the area with a laser, and apply bandages. You may experience some swelling, blisters, or bleeding, but antibiotic ointment and moisturizers can help you heal.

If you get a few sessions in and decide you want to stop treatment, you’ll be left with faded ink that could easily be turned into a new tattoo. If you continue toward full removal, you may experience some minor scarring — more laser treatments later can help remove those scars.

If you’re ready to discuss tattoo removal, contact us at Skin Med Spa by phone or with our easy online scheduler to set up your appointment. You don’t have to live the rest of your life with a tattoo you regret. Let us help wipe the slate clean!

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