Banish Acne Scars

One of the greatest fears a teenager faces is waking up in the morning with an acne breakout. Although we all survive this rite of passage, some of us still carry the scars from those acne breakouts.

If you’re tired of looking at those scars in the mirror every day, our team at Skin Med Spa is here to turn those fears into joy by banishing your acne scars for good.

Here are three specific treatments we offer that can help rid you of your scars:

Lumenis® M22 Laser Technology

Our team of experts uses the ResurFX™ module of the Lumenis M22 laser for a skin resurfacing procedure that can diminish your scars. ResurFX is a gentle fractional laser that only needs one pass over your skin to be effective. 

It works by targeting your scars to destroy the cells while simultaneously stimulating new collagen production to give your skin a revitalized look and feel. Most patients typically need three to five sessions for best results, but start to see improvement after just one treatment.

Opus Plasma

Opus Plasma is another state-of-the-art technology we use to rejuvenate your skin, including around your acne scars. It uses a proprietary high-frequency, unipolar radiofrequency (RF) technology to create plasma energy that causes tiny injuries to your skin, which then produces collagen as it heals, making your skin look and feel younger.

You’ll likely need at least three treatments, spaced about a month apart, to maximize the minimization of your scars.

Tetra CO2 CoolPeel

The Tetra CO2 CoolPeel uses CO2 laser technology as a fractional ablative treatment to remove your outermost layer of skin cells, revealing fresh new cells underneath. Traditional CO2 lasers result in significant swelling and redness, but the CoolPeel technology gives no lasting downtime or effects. If your scars are significant, the system can be turned up to provide more power and be more effective.

All three of these treatments are short (you could do them on your lunch hour) and let you get right back to your daily activities with no downtime. Our team will determine which treatment will work best for you based on your situation.

When you’re ready to say goodbye to your acne scars, contact our team at Skin Med Spa to set up a consultation to determine which treatment will work best for your situation. Just call our Downers Grove office at 630-541-8413, or use our online scheduler to book an appointment anytime!

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